Live Here Buy This

Sizzle for Live Here Buy This.

Hitler's Stealth Fighter

The first jet fight plane was made by the Germans, but was it stealthy?. 

From Spain With Love

Culinary Experience of all that Spain has to offer.


NFB production about teenage boys and body image.  What would you risk for the perfect body?.

Property Virgins
Mike and Igal did many seasons of Property Virgins ... lots of fun shooting with friends!.
Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers trailer.

Radiant City

Drive -through life ... a portrait of life in suburbia.

Sonex Professional Audio Services Inc.

CBC Marketplace

When the repairman knocks.  We did various episodes about people getting fleeced.

Ford Commercial

Ford Mustang commercial shot south of Regina and it was extremely cold.

Lost Nuke
Broken arrow.  The first American lost nuke.
NBC / The PK Project

P.K. Subban goes home for the first time in 4 months where he's just uncle P.K.   

The Olympians

Sidney Crosby vs Alexander Ovechkin.

NHL Mic'd Up
Players and Ref mic'd up for the World Cup of Hockey.
24 days in Brooks

Brooks, Alberta has been transformed from a socially conservative, primarily Caucasian town to one of the most diverse places in Canada. 

A Channel PSA

Behind the scenes of a PSA.